Project: Site Planning    

The Partnership has been involved with the design and construction of buildings for Further Education, since the early 1960's.

Southampton University (1959 - 1991):
To accommodate the growing numbers of students and research staff, 280,00 sq m of academic space was provided initially, with an additional 2,500 car parking spaces. The continuing growth of the University required more buildings and in recent years the Micro Fibre and Electronics Building was added.

Sussex University (1962 - 1975):
The Principal buildings are planned around a Great Court and expand away from it in terraces up the valley slopes. The design of the first buildings was commissioned in 1959, and the construction of Falmer House and the Physics Building was started in 1962.

Several of these buildings have now been Listed by the Department of the Environment as significant 20th Century Architecture and Buildings of Architectural Importance.

Teesside Polytechnic (1971 - 1978):
JSBP was originally commissioned to carry out a comprehensive development plan to facilitate the growth from 1,600 to 6,750 students, in 10 years. Following this, the Partnership designed and supervised the construction of several new buildings .

Sha Tin Training Centre, Hong Kong (1986 - 1989):
On a compact site there are 2,500 students with 34,000 sq m of accommodation. Access is provided by open walkways which also provide shading to the buildings. The main buildings consist of 3 open-ended courtyards.


Southampton University
Master Plan

Teesside Polytechnic
Master Plan

Sussex University
Master Plan

Sha Tin Vocational
Training Centre,
Hong Kong