Project List:
Stock Exchange, Kuwait

Al-Ahleia HQ, Kuwait


The Partnership has a wide experience in the Design, Space Planning, Furnishing and Equipping of Commercial Buildings. The space planning of these buildings has involved both Cellular and Open Plan forms, Narrow and Deep Plan floor plates.

Commercial buildings need to fulfil several contrary criteria. The size and design potential is subject to the financial considerations. Town Planning and Local Authority restrictions have also to be considered.

In this role the Architect can start work on the project at an early stage, before the client incurs the overheads of a Construction Management Team. The Architect will have more time to explore the potential of the site with the client, and produce a design that reflects the ideals and aspirations of the client (within the financial and practical restraints).

Cost vs Quality. Expectations vs Resources. These are ancient dichotomies and always difficult to reconcile, but we feel that the following projects illustrate that a good balance can be achieved - and very successfully as well.

Illustrated Projects:
One London Bridge, UK GOIC, Qatar  
Royal Bank of Scotland, Jersey State Audit Bureau, Kuwait  
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Social Security HQ, Kuwait