Project List:
  Master Planning   Master Planning is fundamental to any large scale project. Understanding the local culture and environment is critical to the formation of a cohesive design. The Master Plan will affect the future of the whole area and influence the future building designs.
  Commercial & Civic   Commercial & Civic design has formed some of the core work of the practice in recent years. The practice has completed several Corporate Head Quarters. Such buildings can provide an impressive and important company image.
  Education   Education provided a steady workload during the early years of the practice. This saw the development of the new Universities and Polytechnics in the 60's and 70's and later the introduction of Clean Rooms to support recent technological developments.
  Housing   Housing is a common requirement of all urban areas. This can take the form of a single private residence, flats or mass housing, which integrates retail and leisure facilities.
  Leisure   Leisure is an area that can be exploited to expand and promote good quality design. It often allows innovative and simulating design. We have the necessary experience for Zoological, Amusement and Leisure Parks as well as Golf Clubs and Hotels.
  Refurbishment   RefurbishmenT always requires a detailed understanding of construction and history. Such projects frequently require the most diplomatic skills of the architect. Historic buildings, Conservation Areas and other restrictions necessitate the use of good design.