Master Planning  
Project: Cyprus University    

The Brief was to create a Master Plan for a new University of Cyprus situated to the south east of the capital, Nicosia, which would serve the educational and cultural requirements of Cyprus well into the 21st Century.

Design Solution:
It was decided that the most appropriate form for the new University would be derived from the traditional Cypriot Village, where the living community is created around pedestrian streets and squares, with a compact arrangement of low rise buildings.

This took into advantage of the constraints and opportunities provided by the site, as well as the climate and the social and cultural traditions of Cyprus.

The student residential villages are located on the steep escarpment and the upper plateaux accommodate the academic schools. The schools form a chain of related buildings along a central spine of circulation. The central facilities and student amenity buildings are accommodated at intervals along the central student street. Sports and recreational facilities are located in the valley , which is susceptible to flooding.

The master plan is designed to allow each component on the campus to grow in response to future educational needs.

Client: Ministry of Education, Cyprus
Site Area: 0 hectares
Associates: J+A Philippou