Master Planning  
Project: London Bridge City, UK    

The site extends from London Bridge to Tower Bridge and is bounded by River Thames to the north and Tooley Street to the south and has, for the purposes of the development, been divided into two Phases.

Design Solution:
The Partnership developed a new outline planning scheme for the whole development in conjunction with Michael Twigg, Brown and Partners. This was done in close collaboration with the London Docklands Development Corporation and was warmly welcomed by the Royal Fine Arts Commission. This development consists of some 1.2 million square feet of office space, together with high technology workshops, some retail, private and public sector housing and a public park.

Phase 1: defined the gateway to London Bridge City with the design and construction of No.1 London Bridge by JSBP. Other buildings including Hayes Warf and the Hospital refurbishment and the new Cottons office building, were carried out by Michael Twigg, Brown and Partners, and other architects.

Phase 2: was designed as the central part of the development in the form of a plaza (next to the Crown Courts and opposite HMS Belfast) flanked by seven storey office building to the east and west and culminating in a 30 storey office tower to the south. This part of the site was later sold and subsequently redeveloped by another developer.

Client: St Martin’s Property Development Corporation
Site Area: 22 acres