Master Planning  
Project: Nan Sha, China    

The site for Nan Sha City is situated in the Pearl River Delta and occupies an area of 2,200 hectares. The area has been designated by the Republic of China as a special economic zone and is expected to be of long-term strategic importance to the economy of China.

Design Solution:
Nan Sha was conceived as a modern Garden City with free movement of pedestrians throughout the central areas. The public transport system allows all areas of the city centre to be within 5 minutes walk of the nearest station.

The principal feature of the site is the sea front along which are the Marina/Fishing Village, Passenger Ferry Terminal and cargo/ Container Port.

Beyond the Urban Environment the natural geography is used to contain zones for Light Industry, Recreational and Social Spaces, Business Marina, Leisure Resort and Golf Courses.

Client: The Fok Group
Site Area: 2,200 Hectares