Master Planning  
Project: Port SaeeD, Dubai, UAE    

The Port Saeed master plan was a prize winning entry for a town planning ideas competition for the down-town business district of Dubai.

Design Solution:
The heart of the design is the commercial core comprising a Shopping Centre, Theatre, Cinemas, Offices, Restaurants and a Street Market adjacent to a new canal which brings the maritime character of the Dubai waterfront into the centre of the development.

It was a conscious decision of the designers to create a modern central area designed to cope with the environmental conditions and social circumstances rather than pursue a pastiche of a traditional Arab Souk.

Balancing these commercial facilities in the heart of the district are the new cultural buildings - an Islamic Cultural Centre and Mosque, State Library and a Museum and Art Gallery located on the landscaped island formed by the new canal and the existing creek. The four residential neighbourhoods each housing approximately 2,500 people are provided with their own schools, shopping and community services.

Client: Dubai Municipality
Site Area: 190 hectares